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Content Visibility Preferences

Content visibility preferences

Set where and how your content can be accessed with the content visibility panel. 

  1. Find the project that you want to edit.
  2. Click Sharing.
  3. Scroll to the content visibility panel. This is where you can set location and device parameters for your content.
  • Hide content from certain devices: this is a dropdown where you can select devices you wish to hide your live stream on. Users using the selected device(s) will not be able to watch your live show.
  • Maximum number of devices per account: if you wish to limit the number of devices per account, enter a number in this field to restrict access. If this field is left empty, this is no limit to devices per account.
  • Restrict by Country:
    • White List: if you only have certain countries where you want to show content, mark the White list checkbox and then drag those countries into the field.
    • Black List: If you have certain countries where you don’t want to allow content, simply mark the Black list checkbox and drag those countries into the empty field.
  • Enable this content for end users in the explore section: Your content will be visible for the users in explore section on Artist Connection.
  • Share with Artist Connection studio: Upon review, your content will appear within the public Artist Connection studio, maximizing eyes on your work!