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Creating and Using App Banners

Creating and Using App Banners

Use app banners to promote upcoming shows, new releases and bonus content all within Artist Connection. Use app banner notifications to keep your audience up to date on everything you do.

  1. In your studio portal, click App Banners on the left hand menu.
  2. Click Add New Banner.
  1. Enter in your app banner details. Depending on the type of app banner you select, the title and message will be displayed to users. Add a reference URL to link to an external website.
  1. Choose your banner type:
    1. Pop up: this banner type will appear when a user opens the Artist Connection app. Once a user dismisses the banner, it will not appear again.
    2. Persisted: this banner type will appear at the top of the studio feed in the Artist Connection app. This banner will always appear in the app until the user dismisses it or the Live Until date is reached.
      • If selecting Persisted banner, you will then be prompted to choose a banner size.
  1. Set the Live From to Live Until date to set the time fame your banner will be live. If you do not want your app banner to expire, leave the Live Until date empty.
  2. To add an image to your app banner, you can use a file from the Media Library or a file from your local machine.
    1. To use a file from your local machine, locate the file then drag and drop it on the default image in the portal.
    2. To use an image from your Media Library, click on the default image to open your Media Library. Locate the file you wish to use then drag and drop it to the default image.
  3. If using a Persisted banner, choose where you’d like your image to be displayed on the banner with the Choose image position drop down under the image.

If you have selected Fill for the image position, do not enter any text in the title or message field as it will display text over your image. Instead, hit your space key on your keyboard in each required field.

  1. If you are using an app banner to promote content within Artist Connection, you can attach content by clicking Choose content to promote. Find the content in the pop up, click Choose to attach it to your banner.
  1. Click the Create App BannerĀ button in the lower right.
  2. You can publish your app banner at this point by clicking Publish.
Adding Users & Groups

By adding Users and Groups to your app banner, you are able to dictate who to promote content, events or announcements to.

Adding Users
  1. Click Add Users.
  2. Type the email, first or last name of the user you want to add.
  3. Once all users have been selected, click Invite.
  4. Click Publish or Save in the lower right.
Adding Groups
  1. Enter the name of the group you want to add. Click the Group.
  2. Once all Groups have been added, click the Save Changes button.

Add the Default group if you want to display your app banner to all users.

Creating an App Banner Notification
  1. Click Create New Notification.
  1. Enter in a title and message for your notification.
  2. Select either push notification* or email. Users must have notifications for Artist Connection enabled in order to receive push notifications.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Review Groups who will be notified, clicking Disable if you want to exclude the group.

Groups that appear here are the groups that have been added to the App Banner.

  1. Click Next.
  2. Review your notification and click Send.
  3. Click Publish or Save in the lower right.