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QR Code Channel Settings

QR channels settings

QR channels represents a unique QR code that links to your project with custom parameters that you set. 

Every project will have a default channel QR code upon creation. The default channel does not have a usage limit, you must create a new QR code if you wish to set a limit for the amount of times a specific QR code can be redeemed.


To generate additional codes, import and export codes, click the Channel Actions button.
    • Add single QR: Generate a single QR code that can be redeemed multiple times.
      1. Name your QR code in the Channel name field.
      2. Set a how many times a QR code can be scanned in the Limit Usage per QR code field.
    • Add QR Group: Generate multiple QR codes at once with the same specifications.
      1. Set desired QR code quantity in Number of channels field.
      2. Set a redemption limit in the Limit Usage per QR code field.
      3. Set a name for your new QR group in the Group identifier field.
    • Generate tickets: Create cards with an existing QR code group for custom tickets.
      1. Choose a QR code group from the drop down menu.
      2. Upload an image.
      3. Select the area where the QR code will be placed on the image.
      4. Set your export settings.
      5. Download the ZIP file containing your tickets.
    • Import tickets: Using an external ticket vendor for your event? You can upload a file with ticket codes into Artist Connection.
      1. Import a CSV file or manually enter in ticket codes in the Add Ticket Code field.
      2. Title your imported tickets in the Group Identifier section.
      3. Set the usage limit for tickets.
    • Export QR channels:
      • Download a CSV file containing all the QR code channels for your project.