Artist Connection Help Center

Share Content Configuration Settings for Projects

Project Sharing Options #

After creating a Project, more sharing features and settings will be available. Create QR codes, manage permissions and import ticket codes to connect your events to Artist Connection.

Content Visibility #

In the Share Content Configuration section, you will be able to control how your stream is accessed.

  • Hide content from certain devices: this is a dropdown where you can select devices you wish to hide your live stream on. Users using the selected device(s) will not be able to watch your live show.
  • Maximum number of devices per account: if you wish to limit the number of devices per account, enter a number in this field to restrict access. If this field is left empty, this is no limit to devices per account.
  • Restrict by Country:
    • White List: if you only have certain countries where you want to show content, mark the White list checkbox and then drag those countries into the field.
    • Black List: If you have certain countries where you don’t want to allow content, simply mark the Black list checkbox and drag those countries into the empty field.
  • Make Public: If you want your content to be visible for the users in explore section you can click on the Make Public checkbox.
  • Name/Description: If you want to change the name and description for users, do so the section on the right.
  • Payment: If you want to make this Project paid content, check the Paid box located in this section.
    • Select all the payment providers from the drop down menu.
    • Note: Paid content is not available in all subscriptions. If you want to enable this feature please our support team.
QR Channels #

QR channels represents a unique QR code that links to your project with custom parameters that you set (ie. usage limits).

  • Studio QR code channels count:
    • This field shows how many QR channels are currently in use compared to the total amount of QR codes available in your studio.
    • Need more QR codes? Simply click the Buy More button.
  • Channel actions:
    • Add single QR: Generate a single QR code that can be redeemed multiple times.
      1. Name your QR code in the Channel name field.
      2. Set a how many times a QR code can be scanned in the Limit Usage per QR code field.
    • Add QR Group: Generate multiple QR codes at once with the same specifications.
      1. Set desired QR code quantity in Number of channels field.
      2. Set a redemption limit in the Limit Usage per QR code field.
      3. Set a name for your new QR group in the Group identifier field.
    • Generate tickets: Create cards with an existing QR code group for custom tickets.
      1. Choose a QR code group from the drop down menu.
      2. Upload an image.
      3. Select the area where the QR code will be placed on the image.
      4. Set your export settings.
      5. Download the ZIP file containing your tickets.
    • Import tickets: Using an external ticket vendor for your event? You can upload a file with ticket codes into Artist Connection.
      1. Import a CSV file or manually enter in ticket codes in the Add Ticket Code field.
      2. Title your imported tickets in the Group Identifier section.
      3. Set the usage limit for tickets.
    • Export QR channels:
      • Download a CSV file containing all the QR code channels for your project.