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How to Direct Share From an Album

How to Direct Share From an Album #

  1. In your studio portal, click Albums from the left hand menu.
  2. Click on the album you want to share or add a new album.

Albums must be created and saved before direct sharing.

  1. From the album, click the Share icon in the upper right.
  1. A dialog box will appear where you can add email addresses of the people you wish to share this content with.
  1. Enter in all emails you wish to share the album with, hitting Enter on your keyboard after each address.
    • Check Allow Download to allow for offline listening.
    • The Share Album dialog box will also have a URL.
  2. Once all emails have been entered, click Send Link to share your content. The recipient(s) will receive an email with a link to open the Artist Connection app to listen to your album.